The instinctive ability to know how to deal with any situation that arises.

Custom Furniture & Joinery

We will make your furniture or joinery to fit your needs and requirements.
Design and materials will be chosen to match your budget and time frame.


Prototype conceptualization and construction, which can then be used for marketing, promotion, product improvement, patenting and production. No project too big to small.

Laser cutting & engraving

Precision laser cutting and engraving for private and commercial purposes. One-off projects and mass production possible on leather, wood, corian, paper, felt, acrylic... Any desired shape, size, font, or graphic image is possible.

Savoir Faire


We at Savoir Faire Ebenisterie look forward to building a supportive and honest relationship with our customers the aim is to understand their vision, and use our knowledge and expertise to make their idea workable. We believe in working closely with the client to accurately meet their needs and expectations.