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Savoir Faire

Paul Bianchini and Fred Genetay of Savoir Faire Ebenisterie learnt their craft with the famous French guild " Les Compagnons du Devoir ". Between them, the two Frenchmen have more than 25 years of experience in various fields of cabinet-making. Having studied with different master-craftsmen in France, they have independently acquired many traditional skills ... from marquetry, parquetry, joinery, antique restoration, fine furniture-making, to pool table and luxury boat construction.  In Melbourne, they have honed their skills in contemporary furniture manufacturing, adding many new technological skills to their already impressive traditional repertoire. Paul and Fred believe in pushing the creative boundaries of cabinet-making and furniture design.

Savoir Faire Ebenisterie is about exploring the possibilities that new technology and modern materials can offer to cabinet-making : Cad-Cam, laser-cutting, modern lighting, and custom engineering, can offer the opportunity to create innovative pieces.

Having worked with some of Melbourne's best architects and designers, Paul and Fred have the experience to provide consultative services to those in the building, furniture, joinery and cabinet-making industries. Savoir Faire Ebenisterie supports new designers and innovative ideas, thus prototyping is an exciting branch of the business. Paul and Fred have also had the privilege of making custom furniture for a number of elite clients with taste and vision, and are proud to have made many beautiful pieces for a number of luxurious properties in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.