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Joinery unit made of white melamine.Push catch doors lined with cork.


  • Childcare


Made of stained Crown cut American Oak.


Testimonial - Justin and Nicole


At the start of the year I sought out Paul and Fred from Savoir Faire Ebenisterie to design and construct my study/library furniture, we had been introduced to their work earlier and were highly impressed with their design and workmanship details.  The end products are exactly how we pictured them in our minds, and the level of details and thought that went into the final product far exceeds our expectations.  All the required computer cables have been hidden away with some very clever design details in the desks, and the uniform veneer detailing across all the units is just spectacular.


We are extremely happy with our finished product and look forward to working with Savoir Faire Ebenisterie in the near future.  I cannot commend them highly enough on their craftsmanship and customer support, but also on their own high level of professionalism.

  • Study



Kitchen with splashbacks, benchtops and sinks in Corian.


  • Kitchen



Custom corner cupboards fitted under cathedral ceilings


Testimonial - Angela and Marcelo

Paul and Fred of Savoir Faire Ebenisterie have recently completed some custom built cabinetry in my dining room, which have cathedral ceilings. After considering some cabinet makers as recommended to me by my sister who is an architect, I decided upon Savoir Faire Ebenisterie after seeing first hand the extreme quality and preciseness of their work. Moreover, we had a tight schedule and deadline, as a due date was looming. Paul and Fred not only built excellent cabinets, but came in before time, within our budget, and also suggested ways to design the cabinets which I would not have thought of - such as a sliding door to enable a space to be an office/entertainment area, and having kid-safe adjustable shelving. I am looking forward to working with Paul and Fred again in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

  • Living Room

Custom Furniture Indoor & Outdoor

  • Garden Table
  • Garden Table
  • Coffee Table


Testimonial - Anara Mailybayeva

I approached Paul and Fred of Savoir Faire Ebenisterie to prototype one of my products - the Miru wall shelf. It was a challenging project not only due to the product's design, but also because the shelf was for a competition and so there were certain restrictions and limitations involved. Paul and Fred were sure they could come up with a product that would look it's best, and be as functional as possible, despite the time, cost and material constraints . Their knowledge of materials, expertise in designing for manufacturing, high level of skills in cabinetry, and attention to detail resulted in a brilliant outcome. Their ability to plan the whole process ahead, and to transparently communicate their ideas made my experience working with them very enjoyable and rewarding.


Testimonial - Josh Carmody:


I met with Paul and Fred from Savoir Faire Ebenisterie in March 2012 to discuss prototyping services for the 'Legs' and 'Legless' stools. While these stools appear quite simple in appearance, they required refinement for larger scale manufacturing due to complexities within the structure and the joint system. Paul and Fred provided me with a number of different options to ensure the end products would not compromise the original form and proportions that I wished to preserve or the quality I was aiming to achieve.

I could not be happier with the outcomes.The meticulous detail and accuracy to which 'Legs' and 'Legless' have been prototyped and can now be produced is a testament to their skill level. From the outset it was evident to me that Paul and Fred have a wealth of knowledge in their field. Their exceptional service combined with the time frame in which they delivered these prototypes has further demonstrated their capabilities to me and I sincerely look forward to work with them again.



  • "Legless" stools
  • "Legs" stools

Laser cutting and engraving