The instinctive ability to know how to deal with any situation that arises.

Taking concept to reality

Savoir Faire Ebenisterie helps people who have a product idea or concept to achieve a prototype. A prototype is the first step for your abstract idea to become a reality. The 3d nature of your prototype allows you to instantly see the practicalities or short-comings of your design, so that improvements can be made prior to final production. A prototype is also a great tool to show off your idea to clients who might not have the skills to interpret a technical drawing, or the imagination to understand what a rendered image will be in three dimensions.

 We at Savoir Faire Ebenisterie look forward to building a supportive and honest relationship with our customers ... the aim is to understand their vision, and use our knowledge and expertise to make their idea workable. We believe in working closely with the client to accurately meet their needs and expectations.