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Laser cutting & engraving

Precision laser cutting and engraving for private and commercial purposes. One-off projects and mass production possible on leather, wood, corian, paper, felt, acrylic...Any desired shape, size, font, or graphic image is possible.


Prototype conceptualization and construction, which can then be used for marketing, promotion, product improvement, patenting and production. No project too big to small.


Savoir Faire Ebenisterie can offer you advice from the planning stage to the production stage. Contact us to discuss your up-coming projects in building, renovating, joinery, custom cabinetry or furniture production. We have worked with many renowned architects, builders and designers on a number of challenging projects. Therefore, we are in a unique position to offer advice on the best available products, the most appropriate materials to use, and the most efficient techniques to employ.
Our consultations will save money and time by identifying problems and finding solutions. Avoid expensive mistakes and delays by planning with Savoir Faire Ebenisterie.


We offer drafting services for customized kitchens, built-in wardrobes, garden furniture, office cabinetry, and furniture. We can draw the plans for any project. If you need to do a presentation or provide a quote for clients or suppliers, we can do the drawings and drafting on your behalf. We can supply Cad files in any format that you require, which can then go straight on to Cam for production.

Training, Teaching & Tutoring

Savoir Faire Ebenisterie can offer advice to those new to the CNC industry. Having had 8 years of experience with a CNC machine, we have learnt from the challenges and the frustrations, and can now offer advice on how to embrace this exciting technology. Finding advice for CNC technology in Australia can be difficult, so contact us if you are struggling. We can advise you on the various difficulties encountered with jigging, feed rates,  speed, tool choice and programming.